Build The Hood - explore the history of modern navel warfare


Relive the legend of the Mighty Hood

Build The Hood issues and model parts

Build this unique replica of the Mighty Hood
as it was in 1941 on its last mission.

High-Quality Materials

This model has been designed to bring you an accurate replica of the Mighty Hood.
The materials used for the model components have been
carefully selected for durability and authenticity.

The HMS Hood model is designed with exceptional attention to detail. The Scale (1:200) means that it is possible to reproduce the smallest features, so that you can build a highly accurate model.

  • Frames and keel: Birchwood ply
    Double thickness hulls (frame with double planks)
  • Injection-moulded metal components
    Light-sensitive parts from brass or nickel silver
  • Wires in copper and other metals
    Machine-turned aluminium and copper components
  • Various plastic components for ease of assembly

Close-up image of The Hood model you can build

Another close-up image of The Hood model you can build


With every issue, use easy to follow instructions to assemble your model.

Step-by-step instructions inside magazine help you build the Hood modelMagazine spread. Details of The Hood's history
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